Exciting news this week our product and tech teams have been working hard to take your editors' and employees' Actimo experience to another level! New editors will be invited to join Actimo's platform by a new welcome email, while images loading in your Actimo app has never been easier for your employees! We also have some performance enhancement and a few bug fixes!

What's New 🎉

Loading images has never been easier!

Your employees can now enjoy a better app experience thanks to our new way of working with images! All the media you upload in our image module will now be automatically re-sized to fit any of your employees' devices and optimize the loading time of your app messages!

And there is more! The Grid images are now also automatically re-sized to fit any of your employees' devices and optimize the loading time of your app messages!

"You're Welcome!" – New Email to welcome your platform editors and admins

Your first steps matter to us so we created a new email to welcome new editors onto our Actimo platform! Each time that you will create a new Actimo user, they will receive the email below inviting them to log on to our platform and to visit our helpdesk.

Enhancements 🛠

  • Faster Insights: We have improved our performance to update employees' know-how in their application, and the social statistics and dashboards data on the platform ⚡

  • We adjusted how we work with images thumbnails to reduce loading time in your employees' app

  • Better Group Sync: We are bringing Auto Scaling Groups to our APIs servers, which will allow us to provide a better experience to our customers with Intelligent scaling UP

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • SMS count for non-Latin characters fix: the SMS count on the Academy publish page is now optimized for non-Latin characters works

  • Reminders to complete surveys will now be sent whether your survey has a comment module or not.

  • Your employees' Know-How score is now adjusted when you set messages as inactive.

  • Points calculation is now aligned between a contact card in the platform and on your employee's app

  • Button and header colors will now be updated when changing theme

  • Liked lists can now load fully

  • If the feature "add employee" is on in your app, you can add employees from your profile on Android without experimenting issues with the keyboard

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