Written: 04.02.2021

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Normal mode

Survey mode

Presentation mode

Plain SMS mode

This article will go through the 4 different modes in Actimo, how and when to use them. A video will be added to this article soon.


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Normal mode

Normal mode is the default and the most used mode in Actimo. It allows you to use all the different modules you have access to and doesn't restrict you.

Survey mode

This is likely the 2nd most used mode in Actimo. Like Normal mode it allows you to use all modules. It changes the look of the message slightly; if you conduct a survey or have created a quiz and set the message to survey mode, the taker will only have to submit their answers once, in the very end, a 'Submit' button is added automatically.

Presentation mode - notice: non-reversible

Presentation mode changes the look of the composer and message quite drastically. When a message is set to Presentation mode, you are asked to upload a file (PDF). The message will have a short text module, where explanatory text can be added.

Underneath the text there will be 2 buttons, 'Start presentation' and 'Download presentation'.

The Presentation mode is great for presenting a slideshow or for giving contacts easy access to longer, text-heavy files, like an employee handbook or safety manual. You still have access to all modules in this mode and can add buttons, text, confirm modules, etc.

Plain SMS mode - notice: non-reversible

Plain SMS mode changes everything in a message to be shown in an SMS. This means that buttons, pictures, and other graphic items are drastically altered to be fitted into an SMS.

It also only allows for use of the text module, all other modules are disabled.

It's quite rare that this module is used and the most common use-case is to send out SMS messages in bulk.

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