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This article will take you through when the Survey module is ideal to use and how to use it. The Survey module is often used for getting feedback and conducting, you guessed it, Surveys!

How do I use the Survey module?

The Survey module is found in the feedback section in the message composer. When creating a survey you can follow these steps:

  1. add a questions to the survey. Example: How are you coping with working from home? Or What department will you be joining?

  2. Decide wether or not you want 'single choice' enabled (only allows for one answer).

  3. Add text to the first answer/button.

  4. Configure the first answer/button:

  • You can add an action to the first answer/button, if you want something to happen when that answer is clicked.

  • You can also add images to the buttons, add text that is displayed after the answer is clicked and decide if you want to add Condition: All questions answered (this means the survet can't be completed without answering this question).

5. Add another answer/button

6. Decide if you want 'All questions answered' enabled. This function will only allow completion of the survey, if all questions are answered.

7. Repeat step 1 - 5.

When should I use the Survey module?

It's entirely up to you how to use the Survey module, there are no rights or wrongs. However, if you are to conduct any kind of survey among your contacts, the Survey module is a great tool to use. It is not possible for the contacts to answer right or wrong (use the Quiz module for this), when using the Survey module as it is meant for collecting information.

The Survey module can also be used for onboarding purposes. Example: You set up a message that is sent out to all new employees, once a month before they start. In this message there is a Survey, where one of the parts looks like this:

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Depending on the answer, you can add the contact to a specific group. You can configure 'What Happens When Clicked' to assign the contact to a group. In this case, if the contact clicks Marketing, then the contact might be added to a group you've made called Marketing or Marketing Onboarding.

You can assign as many actions as you'd like, so that the contact can be added to multiple groups, be forwarded to other messages, start download an onboarding PDF file, be forwarded to an onboarding academy and so on.

Please read the explainatory text added to the textfields, on the pictures below

Survey mode (not to be mistaken for Survey module):

In the top left-hand corner you can change the mode of the message. For surveys it is often recommended to use the survey mode. This allows the answering contact to only have to submit once, in the end of the survey. If Survey mode is not chosen, the taker has to submit after each answer.

Beware of SMS and Presentation mode, as they cannot be rolled back. SMS mode will change everything in the message to be shown in an SMS, and will likely remove most of what you have created in the composer.

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