Enhancements 🛠

  • We've slightly redesigned the list views of employees in the app, so they now show more helpful important about each person, such as title and country.

  • We've also redesigned the profile cards that appear, when clicking on a person inside the app. The cards should now be more informative, consistent - and, of course, good-looking!

  • Finally, we've made some small tweaks to the spacing between modules, so it should hopefully be more consistent now.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • Fixed: The social sidebar on the Dashboard now again shows which social group, each social post was created in.

  • Fixed: An issue with uploading a profile photo in the app, which caused the zooming/dragging to not work properly on all touch devices.

  • Fixed: A bug that caused inconsistencies in pagination, when changing the amount of items shown per page, on very large tables in the Admin.

  • Fixed: A bug in the Contact Module, which made it impossible to choose an 'empty' value in the dropdown.

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