What's New 🎉

  • In preparation of an upcoming release (that we're soon ready to tell you much more about!), "liking" in Actimo just got a small, playful upgrade with a new animation. Go like a post in social wall to see it in action 👍

Enhancements 🛠

  • We've updated the wording related to Delivery Channels and Notifications across the admin platform. Hopefully it should now be much easier to configure, when Push, SMS and/or Email should be used for delivery and notifications.

  • We've made an update to the button for editing contact information on a contact's profile in the app. If no information can be edited, the button will now help managers to view the information, rather than edit it.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • Fixed: Posts by inactive/deleted users did not show in the social sidebar on the Dashboard.

  • Fixed: Push notifications now adhere to the "Restrict sendout times" advanced option, when publishing messages.

  • Fixed: On occasion, the app would erroneously ask for permission for push notifications in mobile Safari browsers on iOS.

  • Fixed: When publishing a message, the confirmation modal will now more clearly inform, if all users have opted out of push notifications.

  • Fixed: An issue that would occasionally cause desktop browsers to ask for push notification permissions, before the user had seen Actimo's message asking for permission.

  • Fixed: A bug with searching, when viewing the list of the contacts that have started a specific Academy in the Academy Analytics.

  • Fixed: An issue with One-on-Ones that meant surveys were not always registered correctly as "completed", once a manager gave their feedback.

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