Written: 09.12.2020

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Login Issues

Issues receiving a confirmation code

Contacts often need a new code

Contact got a code, but can still not login

Login issues; what can you do and what can your contacts do?

If you have contacts in your platform, who are experiencing issues with logging in, there are a few steps and best practices that we recommend trying out. This article will take you through them, so you can easily help your contacts troubleshoot their way out of issues.

What steps should you go through when a contact has issues receiving a code?

  • Make sure your contacts are using an email and/or phone number that is registered in the platform. The information for this can be found on the contacts individual contact card.

  • Check their contact card to make sure they have not opted out of communication.

  • Make sure they have tried both the email and the SMS option.

  • Ask them to check their spam filter for a code and to check that they have a functioning connection to a network.

One of my contacts needs a new code often, how can that be?

  • The contact is accessing the platform in an incognito browser. Using incognito means that no cookies are saved, thus meaning the system won't recognize someone when they come back continuously.

  • The contact has automated cookie deletion enabled.

  • A contact is using a new device. They will have to log in and receive a new code for the new device, as that device does not have a cookie saved to it.

One of my contacts has received a confirmation code, but still cannot log in, what could be the reason for that?

  • The message they are trying to access is not published to them.

  • Using a VPN - this can in some cases be what is causing issues.

  • They are not using the newest confirmation code. Make sure that the contact is using the newest code issued to them. If they have asked for multiple confirmation codes, it is always the newest one that should be used.

Note: We already have this article, directed at end-users with login problems.

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