In this release we've been busy squashing bugs and making improvements to the platform - hopefully it helps make your Actimo experience even better.

Enhancements 🛠

  • We've improved the Message Expiration functionality: You can now select an exact date and time for when the message will expire.

  • We've slightly updated the design of our Admin login page to make it look nicer – and to show that we're now part of the Kahoot! family 🎉

  • We recently released a new "Go to Insights" action for the Button Module. This now also allows you to send employees to the "Know-How" and "Points" pages.

  • We've made performance improvements to the drop down interface in the Admin - so scrolling in large drop downs (even large ones) should now be buttery smooth for you!

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • Fixed: A modal box for "unsaved edits" in your Terms of Use would occasionally show up unexpectedly.

  • Fixed: A bug causing the "My Team" section to break, when an employee's name was missing.

  • Fixed: Issues with "auto scrolling" behaving oddly in messages.

  • Fixed: We have now aligned how email details are displayed on the Publish page for both Messages and Academies.

  • Fixed: An issue that caused certain parts of the Admin interface to load in English (instead of your chosen language) on reload.

  • Fixed: An issue occasionally causing phone numbers to disappear, when admins edit contacts.

  • Fixed: The "list mode" in Content Library did not sort properly.

  • Fixed: An issue with the status of quizzes or confirm modules that are later removed the message again.

  • Fixed: Comments not always showing on the "Shared Analytics" page

  • Fixed: A bug causing admins to not be able to "re-add" the "All Contacts" groups to workspaces.

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