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When uploading files to Actimo, it is worth knowing what is supported in the Actimo platform.

Which formats are supported?

The platform supports the following formats:

Video file types: 3gp, avi, f4v, flv, m2ts, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, webm, wmv, m4v, ogv
Audio file types: mp3, m4a, wma, aac, ogg
Image file types: gif, jpeg, jpg, png
Presentation file types: pdf, ppt, pptx
Font file types: ttf, otf, eot, woff
Document file types: doc, docx, dot, xls, xlsx

What is the maximum size of the content that can be uploaded?

Maximum size: 2 GB.

This also applies to content uploaded to Social Wall.

What is the recommended resolution for images?

Images should be minimum 300 px. wide. A tile should have dimensions: 300x300 pixels. If it is a single tile, then 600x600 px is recommended. The image (cover photo) on Socialwall is recommended to be: 2:1- 600px*300px.ยจ

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