Last updated: December 28th, 2020

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We have gathered a selection of help desk guides that will give you an introduction to the most important features of using Actimo. Dig in! And feel free to reach out to support if you have any questions.

Before we get started, here is a short intro video to the support and training team:

If you are a new editor in a company that is already running an app, jump straight to:
Creating a message

If your company is new to Actimo, this article will also take you through:
Activate native app
Import contacts

Create groups
Creating a message

Creating a front page
Activate social wall
Build academies

Activate Native app

Native app allows you to get the full app experience with notifications as an efficient tool to ensure you reach your employees.

Import contacts

In the Actimo platform, your employees are called contacts. Contacts can be imported via an integration or via an excel upload.

Create groups

Creating groups will help you easily reach the right employees based on e.g. location, or department.

Creating a message

Your app consists of messages. Each message is a landing page in your app. Your front page, your news updates, your party invitations are all "messages". Click here to learn how to create and publish a message.

Creating a frontpage

Keep it simple. The feed is a powerful tool to ensure customized and relevant information for your employees on the go. Customize it to your brand by setting up a Theme and create a Menu for easy app navigation.

Activate Social wall

Social wall is a strong tool to drive activation and culture. Enable it to let your colleagues communicate and celebrate wins!

Build academies

Use Academy to create easy to follow learning for your employees.

Remember you can always search our helpdesk for more guides or reach out in chat.

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