In this release, we're happy to bring you some several improvements to how updating employee information from within the app works.

1. New Onboarding Flow: Contact Information & Notifications

Ensuring that employees have a good first-time experience - and that their contact information is up-to-date - is a key concern to us and our customers.

To improve both of these points, we are introducing a new "onboarding flow" for when a contact/employee opens their employee app the very first time.

This simple flow is shown only to new contacts, and only on their first visit, and asks them to:

  • Verify and/or update their contact information. This ensures that their phone or email is up-to-date, so they can be reached and can later log in again.

  • Choose their notification settings. Making it easy to choose preferred channel between SMS, email and push notifications.

  • (Optional) Agree to your terms of use, if these have been switched on (see below).

Terms of Use (Optional)

Some customers need employees to view and agree to certain Terms of Use, when first starting to use the app. We've now made this possible to enable through the "Terms of Use" feature:

  • Terms of Use can be configured under Admin → Defaults in the admin settings.

  • When turning on Terms of Use, admins can set a text that employees will have to agree to, the first time they open the app.

  • When Terms of Use is turned on, employees will see a checkbox as part of the onboarding flow, where they will need to need to agree to the terms.

We only recommend turning on Terms of Use, if you truly need it – for most customers, this feature won't be necessary.

FAQ for the new Onboarding Flow

  • Deprecating Permission Wall. With the launch of the new onboarding flow and Terms of Use, we are deprecating the old "Permission Wall" feature. If you have used Permission Wall, a customer success manager should have already been in contact with you. If not, please don't hesitate to reach us at

  • When a new contact/employee logs in for the very first time, they can add, verify or update their contact info and choose how they wish to be notified.📝

  • If you are using an integration, contacts will still go through this flow, however they just have to verify their contact info and will not be able to edit it. If the information is wrong, the employee can see your internal support information - so make sure to update this in your settings.

  • When updating your Terms of Use, admins will be asked if they want all employees to re-accept the terms. We always recommend this, if you've made any changes beyond simple spelling or wording. This will cause the flow to appear to all contacts again on their next visit.

2. Updating Contact Info from Profile (Employee & Manager)

In order to make it easier to keep employee phone numbers and email addresses up-to-date, this release also makes it possible for employees to update their own phone number and email directly from their profile (as long as this info isn't coming from an integration, of course).

But employees aren't the only ones who can now update this information; with this release, we're also making it possible for Managers to add or update their employees' contact information.

Allowing managers to update the phone number and/or email address of their employees has been a frequent request from companies, who wish to decentralize their onboarding process. Now, managers are empowered to help new employees set up correct contact information – and can even share a direct link to the app home page as part of the process.

Other Enhancements 🛠

  • We've done several updates to our Lambda workers and underlying technologies. This will allow us to further increase our their speed and performance in the future.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • Fixed: Tapping on the app logo in the header of the app now doesn't cause a full refresh of the page, but instead just fetches and refreshes what's necessary.

  • Fixed: On occasion, navigating to Tools → Social Wall would cause an unknown error message.

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