In this release, we're rolling out several smaller usability improvements and bug fixes – enjoy!

Enhancements 🛠

  • In order to give the actual content more room, we have removed the redundant headlines above lists on the Insights Pages in the app.

  • As a manager, the "My Team" list on your Profile in the app is now sorted by Name, rather than "Last Active". This should make it much easier for manager with many team members to find and navigate to specific profiles.

  • For Admins browsing the Messages, the "App Homepage" label will now always be visible - even if not using our native app.

  • We've updated the minimum height of bars within our Message Analytics charts. Now it should always be possible to hover on and click each bar – even if there's a big difference between the values.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • Fixed: An issue with opening a One-on-One, if no published employees existed.

  • Fixed: Our error message for trying to create an admin user with a duplicated email address, is now more informative.

  • Fixed: A bug displaying the wrong maximum character count, when publishing a message and notifying users via SMS.

  • Fixed: A bug that caused the SMS Count on the Control Center to not account for long messages spread across multiple SMS messages.

  • Fixed: An issue with redirects, if logged into multiple Actimo web apps at the same time.

  • Fixed: A bug causing our Contacts table in the admin interface to occasionally render ignore language settings and render table headers in English on refresh.

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