What's New 🎉

  • Academy analytics can now be exported — A much requested feature to the newly released Academy: It's now possible to export analytics from the analytics page.

Enhancements 🛠

  • Contact Export has been improved — it's now possible to include contacts' insights values (Open Rate, Progress, Know-how, Points, Engagement, One-on-one) in the export, as well as both the Contact ID and their Last Active timestamp.

  • We've made the 'dirty words' vanish in the Academy — Our customers have a lot of different terminology for their learning content, and so we've done our best to remove dirty words like "trainings", "academies" or "modules" from the employee app. We hope Academy can now better work with any naming setup.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • Fixed: Our improved web login from the previous release unfortunately caused some issues with shared message report links – they should now work again.

  • Fixed: An issue with action links in our email not always working.

  • Fixed: Silent push notifications occasionally opened up the home page, instead of the intended link. They should now work as intended.

  • Fixed: An issue with interpolation for certain embeds URLs or text outputs.

  • Fixed: Dismissing modals didn't always trigger the correct secondary events.

  • Fixed: Contacts would not always show up in the message analytics, if a message had only been published to them, but not notified.

  • Fixed: A bug that could potentially cause an infinite loop of requests to the social wall.

  • Fixed: Admins who are already logged in and navigate to /admin or /admin/login will now automatically redirect to the Admin.

  • Fixed: A bug that would occasionally log out admins, if they tried to share groups between workspaces.

If you experience any issues please write support@actimo.com.

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