Release Date (UPDATED): Thursday, July 16th 2020

In this release, we're happy to bring you some significant improvements to how your employees can log into their Actimo employee app.

What's New 🎉

Email/SMS Login for the Web

In this release, we're improving the way users can log into their Actimo employee app on the web. Moving forward, users will be able to go to your custom URL and log in with their email address or phone number – exactly as they're used to on our native apps:

  • You can now share your custom domain (ex. with your employees (print it out on posters, give it out during onboardings or similar) – and employees will be able to visit that URL to easily log in to your employee app.

  • Admins can customize the look and feel of their login page to give employees a nice branded experience.

  • Employees can now share links to messages (as long as the person you share it with also has access to the message) – the person using the link will simply have to log in with their own credentials to get access.

Single Sign-On for the App

We're furthermore happy to release a new way to streamline and strengthen the security of accessing your employee app: Single Sign-On (SSO) for the App.

For some time, we've given customers to ability to enforce SSO for the Admin, and we're happy to now also be releasing it for the App:

  • Moving forward, it's possible to set up and configure SSO for the App.

  • We support SSO in Actimo through a technology called OpenID Connect. Many common enterprise platforms support this out of the box, including Azure AD (Office 365) and Google (G Suite).

Enhancements 🛠

Improved Error Pages

Lastly, we've made some significant improvements to our error pages in the app. Ideally, you and your employees will never have to see one of them – but in case the unexpected happens, our error pages now have a new unified design, and should be much more specific and helpful in a majority of predefined cases.

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