Release Date: Monday, June 8th

What's New 🎉

  • The setup of our Quiz Module has been redesigned to offer a smoother and simpler experience! This is the first step of a redesign to improve our quiz module, and will be followed by an improved experience for users in the app later. Learn more about how to use the new Quiz Module.

Enhancements 🛠

  • We've reworked out Statsd worker to improve the performance of our webhooks.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • Fixed: A bug that caused Academy training data to be reset if publishing to a contact both individually and as part of a group

  • Fixed: An issue made that made it impossible to save an Academy after editing it's retake time settings

  • Fixed: The "SMS" acronym is now in uppercase everywhere

  • Fixed: An unintended linebreak that had snuck into our Address Line 1 and 2 in the contact module is now removed

  • Fixed: All our available app languages can now be chosen, when setting the language for an Academy

  • Fixed: Clean up to fully remove the session value in the cookie, when a user logs out of the admin interface

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