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Video tutorial

How to create a message - step by step
How to publish a message
Advanced delivery settings

Video tutorial:

How to create a message – step by step:

  1. Click "Messages" in the left menu

  2. Click on create message

  3. Select among the page modules in the left hand side of the page and edit your message

Modules include:

Media files - add video and audio to messages
Images - adding images makes your messages visually snackable
Text - make your text with tags that ensure contacts are greeted by first name
Buttons - link messages, add/remove contacts from groups and much more
Input modules - get your audience involved and learn from their feedback via likes and comments

How to publish a message

  1. Click Publish in the top of the screen

  2. Choose your target group buy adding groups and contacts under Add contacts"

  3. Check the preferred channels: Show in Feed, Push, SMS and/or email.

  4. When ready, go to the bottom of the send page and click on Publish & Notify. You'll automatically be taken to the Analytics page once you have published.

Advanced delivery settings

Use the links to go to other article:

Public link to share
Send reminders
Restrict sendout time
Send later

Disable deeplinking

Add to homescreen

Forward security - this setting locks a message for a recipient to the first device that they open it with. If access is attempted from any other device or cookies are
Anonymize message statistics - anonymize the message stats and responses. When the message has been sent, it is no longer possible to change this setting.

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