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Knowing how many contacts a message has bounced to, can be important. If you are trying to reach as many contacts as possible or a very specific handful of contacts, it can be difficult if there are one or more bounces.

View bounce rate

  1. Go to Analytics in a particular message

  2. At the top of the analytics page, you'll find an overview in which your bounce rate for email and SMS will be available. If you click on the individual columns, you'll see the list of individual bounces

You'll find yet another overview if you scroll to the bottom of the analytics page. Here, all recipients will be listed with name, contact information, and whether the message has been delivered and opened by the particular contact.

Some common reasons for bounce

Please run through the following checklist of common reasons for bounce: 

  • The contact information is incorrect, such as phone no, country code, or email address.

  • The contact has unsubscribed and/or is opted out (can be found on contact card).

  • Contact is out of reach, could be the phone is switched off or not connected to a network.

If neither seems to be the reason, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or support@actimo.com and we'll investigate further with you.

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