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Why use native app?

With a native app your employees will always have their trusted co-pilot at hand with easy access to information, colleagues and management. With native app, push notifications are the perfect way to make sure your employees see all relevant information.

This article shows you how to setup the Actimo native app for your company and how your employees can access it in 3 simple steps along with a best practice Pro Tip:

This article will take you through:
How to set up native app – step by step

Pro tip

Set up native app – step by step

Step 1: Setup an app frontpage (requires Admin access)

  • Go to admin settings

  • Click defaults

  • Set an app homepage that is published to all contacts

  • Make sure native app is activated

Step 2: Install Actimo app

  • Go to Appstore (iOS) or Google play (Android)

  • Search: Actimo

  • Download the Actimo app

Step 3: Access your app
The first time you open the native app it will ask you send a code via email or sms. This is to make sure you access the app connected to your company.


  • Get gode by entering phone number or email

  • Receive code instantly and enter it the app

  • Once the code is entered you will be taken directly to your app homepage

After the first verification the native app will remember which app you have access to and you don't need to re-verify. If you wish to log out, you can do this from the "Log out" link in the bottom of your personal profile. Your personal profile is accessible from the top right hand corner of the app.

Error: 'You do not have native app access'

If you are our employees are met with this screen after entering their verification code, please reach out to an admin to make sure native app is activated and the selected homepage is published to you.

Pro Tip:

To get the most value form you native app we recommend using push notification as delivery method when you are publishing important information instead of sms or email. Use elements such as quizzes and confirm modules to make sure the information is understood. This way your employees have an-all-in one co-pilot that never lets them down!

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