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IMPORTANT: Push notifications are sent to devices that runs native app, desktop browsers, and Android phones. An iOS (iPhone) device that is not running native app, will not receive push notifications.

What is a Push Notification

Push Notification is a real-time, personalized, in-the-moment communication method. It’s an alert style message that slides in on the screen, both mobile and desktop. By clicking on it the recipient will be redirected to the message itself, so no link is needed.  Push notifications from Actimo do not make sounds.

How to receive Push Notifications

Recipients need to proactively accept push notifications before receiving them. When opening a message, a pop-up window will appear on the recipient's screen. They will be asked to accept or deny push notifications.
On a computer, it will usually appear on the right top corner of the screen and on a phone it will appear on the top of the screen. 

The permission given by the recipient is browser and device dependent: this means that if they change device or change browser they will need to give permission again before receiving push notifications. 

How to send Push Notifications

  • Go to the send page 

  • In addition to email and SMS, you'll see the Push Notification option. The number shown next to each channel indicates the recipients who are able to receive via these channels. For email and SMS, they simply need to have a valid email and phone number attached to their contact, while to receive push notifications recipients need to accept them (read on for how to accept them)

  • Once selected Via push notification, the fully editable text, where you can write a short description of the content, appears

  • Preferred delivery settings (SMS otherwise Email, SMS and Email, Email otherwise SMS) doesn't include push notification as an option because Push Notifications will be sent automatically, together with email or sms, if you checkmark it. 

How to turn off push notifications

As a user, you can turn off push notifications for the specific employees (on their contact card), but only employees themselves can turn it on on their personal devices.

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