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Video - NOTE: Theme is now under 'advanced settings' at the bottom of the composer page.

Start by creating or opening a message. In the compose mode, you'll find a module called Theme. When you click it, the theme section will open and you can start editing.

Please note!:

  • If you want to create a new theme, click the +

  • If you want to delete a theme, click the x

  • Changes to existing themes will take effect take effect immediately on all messages that have this message attached. Changes are not reversible

  • We recommend that you set a default theme. This can be done under Admin settings -> Defaults -> Theme. You can still have and use multiple themes.

Here's an overview of all the possible settings in your theme:

Edit name

Type in a name for your theme. A tip is to make it descriptive, so you can easily recognize it among the other themes, the next time you need it.

Upload a screen background

You can upload an image that will fill your entire message screen. Make sure you make it 600 pixels wide. The height depends on the contents of your message - the more modules you add to your message, the higher the background image needs to be.

Upload a bookmark icon image

The bookmark icon is relevant if you're creating a theme for an app. The image you add in here, will appear on your employees phones when they add to homescreen.
The image has to be square - for instance 300x300 px.

Header settings:

Hide header - hide the header in messages with this theme attached.

Upload header logo - the header logo will appear centered in the header, and the logo below is 217px x 50px.

Hide header logo - hide header logo in message with this theme attached.

Go to message on click - you can use the header logo for navigation. Let's say you're creating a theme for your app, you can select the message that contains the frontpage of the app in the dropdown. Then when users can easily get back to the point of departure by clicking the header.

Upload a header background - you can upload an image to display in the background of your header. Make sure it's 600 px wide.

Header background color - if you want a monochrome background color in the header, you can set it here. Or you can paste a color code in hex, RGB or HSV format. 

Header text color - here's where you set the color if you need text in your header. Or you can paste a color code in hex, RGB or HSV format. 

Header menu toggle color - for your app, you'll want a menu for easy navigation. Here, you can set a color for it. Or you can paste a color code in hex, RGB or HSV format.

Font - you can add a font in your theme. First, go and import it to the Content Library (format has to be TTF). When uploaded, you can select it from the dropdown.

Message text color - set the color for your messages by clicking on the color you like in the color selection or pasting the color code it in hex, RGB or HSV format. 

Message text line height - decide which text line height should be default.

Message link color - choose which color you want links to appear in.

Button settings:

Make your buttons appear exactly how want it, by setting the button background color, the button text color & the button border color.

Button border width - increase the width of the button border. If you don't want a border to appear around your button, then set it to 0.

Button corner roundness - move the slider to determine the roundness of your buttons.

Button transparency - move the slider to have the buttons appear with more or less transparency.

The final settings concern the appearance of the footer in your messages.
It's not an absolute necessity to have a footer, but you might find it convenient to have your company address, a link to your company website or something else available here.

Upload a footer background - if you want to use an image in your footer, you can upload it here. The image should be 600 px wide - the height is a matter of preferences. You can't add a link to your footer when using an image.

If you want a text in the footer, go ahead and click the blue box with the white pen. A text box will appear, where you can write a text or add a link. You can delete the footer by clicking the blue box with the white x. Background and text color settings are described below:

Footer background color - set the color for the footer by clicking on the color you like in the color selection or paste the color code in hex, RGB or HSV format. 

Footer text color - click this option and a text box will pop up for you to write the footer text.

Remember to set your theme in Admin settings, if you want the theme you've created to be the default theme!

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