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Why Social Wall?

Activating social wall for your contact groups allows your employees to share moments, collaborate, and celebrate wins in their daily work life across departments and geographic locations.

Table of contents:

Company vs. private group

Setting up social wall

How to use private groups



Company Groups vs. Private Groups

Company groups are groups you as Admin or Editor can control from within Actimo. This means Admins and Editors can create the groups and Admins have the ability to delete inappropriate posts.
Private groups are groups recipients can enable directly within the Social Wall. Admins and Editors are not able to follow conversations in Private groups unless they are added as members.

Setting up a Social Wall

Step 1: Switching it on

Social Wall is configured in the Tools section of the Actimo platform. You can enable/disable it by moving the slider on/off. To manage specific groups, click 'see details'.

Step 2: Cover image and description

Add a cover image and a description to each Social Wall to make the group look appealing and communicate what the group should be used for. Simply click 'Add' to the right in the group overview:

The size of the image should be 300*600 px.

How to use Private Groups?

Private groups will automatically be enabled when you switch on Social Wall. If you do not have them enabled, please reach out to support.
Recipients will be able to click "Create" to start a new Private Groups. Afterwards they can edit the group to add cover image, description and members. 


Recipients will be notified with notifications via push notifications, badge notifications, sms or email, when something new is added. You can see the full overview on how notifications work below. 

NB: Push and badge notifications only work with native app and android web apps and Actimo notifications do not make sounds.

You can control how notifications should be sent by going to your Admin section and clicking "Defaults".

  • Push = Only Push notifications

  • SMS, otherwise email = Push, SMS if the contacts has a phone number otherwise email. 

  • Email, otherwise SMS = Push, email if the contacts has email, otherwise SMS. 

  • Both email & SMS = Push, both email and SMS

We hope you enjoy Social Wall. Let us know if you have any questions and don't forget to check out our FAQ list below. 


Q: Is the Social Wall GDPR compliant?
A: Like the rest of the Actimo platform, the Social Wall is GDPR compliant.
From the Profile page, each member of the different channels in your Social Wall can set their own contact information.
Access to the Social Wall is restricted to employees in your company. Forward security will ensure that people from outside your organisation can't obtain access.
Data protection in the Social Wall follows the general terms and conditions approved in your contract with Actimo.
Former employees will appear as inactive user on your Social Wall, so their right to be forgotten is fulfilled.

Q Can I add new channels to my Social Wall?
A All groups you set up in your Actimo platform will be available as channels in the Social Wall. If you want to add new channels, you can create a group, then activate it under Tools > Details.

Q Can I rename channels in my Social Wall?
A Channels will take their names from groups. If you rename a group, it will appear in the Social Wall as well.

Q Can I add and remove people from the channels?
A You can control, which people should have access to the channels in the Social Wall by adding new contacts to or removing them from your groups.

Q Can I create groups directly from my third party HR system?
A Of course, if you have an integration set up to sync groups of employees between your HR system and Actimo, these same groups can be activated in your Social Wall.

Q Can people outside of my company see posts on our social wall?
A No. Only persons who are allowed access to your Social Wall can see it. When Social Wall is enabled, forward security is automatically enabled too.

Q Can I see who else are members of a channel?
A Yes. In your channel, you can click the channel name and you will see a list of all the members of that particular channel. In here, you can search for individual users too to see if they're a member.

Q What happens to posts from employees, who are no longer with our company?
A Deleted or inactive employees will appear as "inactive user" on your Social Wall. Their right to be forgotten is fulfilled, but their content, likes and comments remain.

Q What triggers a notification on the Social Wall?
A You get a notification when someone has posted something new in your channel, and when someone comments on a post in your channel.

Q Can I mention someone in my post?
A No. You can't mention a manager or colleague and notify them about something in this way. However, they will be notified about your post or comment like everyone else.

Q Can I filter unread notifications?
A Yes. We have collected all your unread notifications, so you can quickly get up to speed with what you missed.

Q How many notifications will meet new users of existing channels on first visit?
A Notifications for new users go back one month.

Q I've seen all posts, but I still have unread notifications!
A Comments are counted in your notifications along with the posts. It's likely that you have missed one or more comments, if you have no new posts, but still have notifications.

Q Can I see what I've posted?
A Sure. You will have an area in your Social Wall, where all your posts are stored, so you can keep an overview.

Q Which types of files can I include in my posts?
A Apart from pictures and videos, you can post pdf documents and Power Point presentations that you want to share with the other members in your channel.

Q Can I follow who sees my posts?
A On each post, you get a count of how many people have seen it -  click on the eye icon and you will see who they are.

Q How can I see comments?
A On each post, you will be able to click on the small comment icon, which will unfold all comments on that post. Comments are counted in your notifications.

Q How can I upload a profile picture to my Social Wall?
A The photo in your avatar on the Social Wall, you can upload from your Profile. Click on the avatar with your initials > upload your preferred photo directly from your phone or desktop.

Q What is the difference between a push notification and a badge notification?
A  A push notification is one that pops up and lights up on your locked screen. A badge notification is a silent notification, i.e. one that will not light up the screen. Instead it shows as the little red dot on the app symbol that lets you know there is something you have yet to see in the app. 

Note: If you do not have Social Wall, please reach out to support via our support chat or by writing to support@actimo.com.

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