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What is Manager's View

Manager's View is an extension of the employee Profile that enables managers to get an overview of their team's activity, training, and other data to facilitate a data-assisted dialogue between managers and their employees.
Furthermore, Manager’s View makes it easy for managers to reach out to any of their employees by enabling them to call, text, or email them directly within seconds (if the information is registered). 

Special features for managers

  • Create a new employee (if contacts are not synced via an integration to company HR system)

  • Send the app to an employee

  • Restrict access to the app for an employee

How Manager's View works

Before introducing Manager's View, your company needs to have mapped who refers to whom. With this information, Actimo automatically maps out who the managers and who the employees are in your organization. Most HR systems and directory services support this option - where you can see the manager responsible for specific teams.
When enabled, Manager's View will show up on the Profile page for managers and employees respectively.

Set up manager-employee relations manually

If you don't have automatic sync from your HR system, you can set up manager relations for your contacts manually. Here’s how: 

  1. Open a contact

  2. Find the Relationship tap and type in the name of the manager

Import manager relation on several contacts

You can add manager relationship to more contacts at once with an excel import:

  1. Go to Groups

  2. Click on 'create group' and select excel import

  3. Download the template and add the relationships before importing the file again

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