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What is Profile?

All employees each have their own individual activities, training and learning paths, and measurement going on. All of which are aggregated in Profile for each person to track. On the Profile page, you'll be able to follow:

  • Activity and performance

  • Keep track of what they still need to learn or to do

  • Find their basic data such as contact information, clothing size, emergency contact, etc.

  • Control their preferred way of receiving communication (SMS or email notifications)

  • See who their manager is

  • Upload profile picture

Furthermore, Profile is the way for the individual employee to present themselves to the rest of the organization:

  • On the Social Wall, Profile shows their profile picture and the general information about the employee

  • In Manager's view, employees can allow their managers to see their details, phone number, and performance

  • In the phone book, people can allow their colleagues access to their phone number (possible to opt-out of this)

How to set up Profile (require Admin access)?

Profile is configured in the Admin settings of the Actimo platform, so configuration requires Admin access.
When in the Admin settings, click on the Profile tap and check the options you want to make available for employees. Under this tap you will find a detailed description of your possibilities and where to find them.

You can switch Profile on/off at workspace level, if go go to the Workspaces tap in Admin settings and check/uncheck the Insights bar visibility, according to your preferences.

OBS: By enabling Profile, Verification (forward security) is automatically switched on for the entire platform in order to ensure that no personal data gets distributed ny mistake.
When Profile has been enabled, each employee will find a small icon in the upper right corner of their app. When clicking there, they will go to their Profile

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