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Custom contact fields

Contact relationship type

Manage duplicate contacts

When importing new contacts into Actimo, or when using the Contact form to create sign-ups to company events, it's important to manage your contacts settings. Getting these right from the start will ensure you can map information correctly when you import contacts and prevent undesired duplicates from being made. Furthermore, you can customize fields to be predefined in a dropdown. 

Custom contact fields

We've created some most used contact fields for you beforehand to save you some work. They're called Standard fields.
The Custom fields you can create and change continuously and delete if needed (the maximum number of fields is 20).

Create a new custom field

  1. In Admin, go to the Contact tap

  2. Existing fields are listed alphabetically and underneath you can click on +add field to create a new one. If you don't see +add field at the bottom it means you've reached a maximum number of fields.

  3. Type in a field name and click on the wrench icon to select which type of information is stored.

  4. Save your changes

You can select from the following types of information:

  • Text is for fields such as first and last name, department, title, etc. 

  • Mobile number and Email are for phone number and email information respectively.

  • Date and Date + Time is for fields like date of a special event or date and time of a seminar, for which you want your contact to sign up.

  • The dropdown is for creating a predefined selection, which your contacts can pick from in your sign-ups. When selected, you type in the option you need and click on the + to add it and type in next option.

Edit a custom contact field

If you need to make changes to existing contact fields, you can apply them directly in the custom field or type of information. Your changes take effect when you click on save.

Delete a custom contact field

If you have contact fields taking up space in the overview that you no longer need, you can delete them by clicking X and then confirm with Yes.

Contact relationship type

Next to the fields, you can add relationships to individual contacts. It's a way of adding a connection between two people, such as manager. This comes in handy in your Pulse surveys, One-on-ones, Manager's view and anywhere else where you need this connection.

Add a relationship to a contact 

  1. In Admin, go to the Contact tap

  2. Scroll to the Contact relationship type

  3. Now type in the desired relationship

  4. Click +add new relationship type if needed

  5. Save your settings

(Read more about the relationship fields here)

Manage duplicate contacts

Managing duplicate contacts lets you control when a particular contact in Actimo should be updated and when a new contact should be created. This will be useful when you import contacts or when you receive information from a contact sign-up form. 

  1. In admin, go to the Contact tap

  2. Click the pencil icon to edit current settings

  3. Adjust your settings to fit what you want Actimo to look for when creating contacts

  4. Save your settings

In the example below, Actimo will check for employee id or email or phone country code, and mobile number. If Actimo recognizes a correlation between imported contacts and existing contacts, it will update the already existing contact, instead of creating a new one. This prevents you from ending up with multiple duplicates of the same contact over time.
It's necessary that at least one of the values in your settings is always included when importing contacts or when creating sign-ups. 

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