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How can you use Show in Feed to segment messages?

Show in Feed lets you control which contacts and groups can see a particular message in the Feed module. This means that you can filter messages based on your employee groups. The filter can be set to target your organizational structure, managers only, locations, and much more. 

Example 1: Messages only for managers
You can create a Feed that shows weekly management updates to the group "Managers" and only members of the managers' group will see the weekly updates in the Feed. Members of the "Employee" group will NOT be able to see the message.

Example 2: Messages only relevant to certain locations
You could create a Feed that only shows messages based on the location each individual work on. The group "Danish employees" can only see information targeted danish employees and the group "English employees" only see information targeted them. 

Example 3: Messages targeted at a certain part of organizational structure
You could create a Feed that is showing messages based on your organization. Retail stores (the group "Retail employees") get information targeted them and HQ (the group "HQ employees") get's information targeted them.

NB: We have automatically created an All Contacts group for you that will be available in Admin settings. Use this group when you wish to let ALL see the particular message. 

How does it work?

Create a message and go to Send page

  1. Add your relevant employee Group (ex. "Retail employees") or individual Contacts

  2. Check the Show in Feed item

  3. Add a relevant Category (Ex. "Sales training") to display the message on the corresponding Feed where sales training is presented.

The message will now show on the "Sales training" feed, but is only visible to the "Retail employee" group.


1. Can I still send messages via sms or email without publishing to feed, group or category?
Yes, a message will automatically be visible to a contact or a group if you send it via a sms message or email. 

2. How will I make sure a message is available to all.
Go to Browse users and select the All Contacts group, which appear in the top of your groups list. Use this when you wish that the message should be visible for everybody in your organisation.  

3. Where can I see who can see which messages?
Go to Analytics and scroll down to Message access. This will show which groups and contacts the message has been published to. You can also remove access from contacts or groups. 

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