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Set notification time

Schedule reminders

Schedule messages for later



Set notification time

  • Go to a message and go to Publish

  • Under advanced settings, tick set notification sendout time

  • Now set the delivery time from the drop-down menu and toggle the weekdays and/or weekends on which you want to send

NB setting notification time is pegged to the country code in recipients' phone numbers, which ensures that different time zones are taken into account.

Schedule reminders

  • Go to a message and go to publish

  • Under advanced settings, tick send reminders

  • Settings will open and you can select from the drop-down menu what should happen if a message is not opened, choose either at a certain time or repeated with a delay:

If you choose to remind at a certain time, you'll have to select date and time for when you want to send the reminder.
If you choose repeated with a delay, you'll have to select from the drop-down menus, the settings for repeat - number of times reminder should be sent - and delay - the timeslot in between reminders.

Schedule a message for later

  • Go to a message and select Publish

  • Under advanced settings, tick schedule for later

  • Settings will open where you can select a date and time you wish for the message to be published

If you choose your certain time and date this is when the message will be sent at the time and date you have selected.

This is great if you need to schedule a message for when you could be Out of Office.

Also, something great is that if you have the contacts timezone added to their profile we take this into consideration and the message will be sent at selected time in your contacts timezone.


  • Go to a message and go to publish.

  • Under advanced settings, tick expiration.

  • Select an expiration date or lay down the time frame within which you want the message to be active.

If you select a time frame, you can choose the number of days you want the message to be available along with the time you wish for it to expire.

If you select a date, please note that the message will expire at the same time as you enable expiration. So if you select the expiration date to be August 6th, but you enable the setting on August 4th at 10.30 then the message will expire on August 6th at 10.30.
If you then edit the data again, the default will be 09.00.

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