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Export data from a message

  1. Find the message and go to Analytics

  2. At the top of your page click the export analytics button

  3. Now, check the information you want to export and click on the export button. If you change your mind about the export, click on the cancel button

Unfold the drop-down and select the timezone you want for timestamps in the report.

Select the dates for the period of time you want to cover in your export. Leave it empty to get all the data from the message in your report.

Click on the black arrow to show all the possible details you have available around contacts. Check the ones you need in your report.

Under message info, you'll find the data related to the message: Sent date for SMS and/or email, the open date for SMS and/or email, total sent, total received, etc. Check the ones you find relevant to include them in your export.

The results area is centered around points in quizzes and provides you with all the information you need about the number of quizzes that were started, the number of questions that were answered and how many were correct answers, the number of retakes, etc.

Select from the drop-down if you want to create a standard report, export the raw data, or an overview of quiz points earned per question.

If you have checked some information that is for some reason not available in the message data you're exporting (could that you have checked department under contact info, but you don't have that information on the contacts), this default setting will ensure that you don't export an empty column in your report.

Previous settings will be saved as default settings for your future analytics exports. If you want to reset the settings, you can do so by clicking this button.

Export data from several messages in one report

  1. In your message overview, put a checkmark next to the messages you want to export

  2. Find Generate Report among the options in the top right corner of the page and click it

  3. Set your preferences and click on export

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