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This feature will effectively help your employees stay on top of company news and strengthen their knowledge and engagement in their job on-site or on the go. By adding the company app to their home screen, each employee will get mobile access to all the information they need to perform well and have it right at hand at all times to visit again and again.

Configure add to home screen

  1. In the message that contains your app frontpage, navigate to Publish

  2. Unfold Advanced settings and check Add to home screen before sending the message

  3. When your recipients open the message, a pop up will appear guiding them to adding the message to home screen

When enabled for a message as described above, this pop up will only appear one time for each recipient.

Android (left) and iPhone (right) view of Add to home screen pop-up:

Tip for easy uploads of videos and images to your content library

Creating engaging communication calls for a dash of visuals like images and short videos to make it all more dynamic. If you took the pictures from your last company event on your phone anyway, why not make the upload to Actimo directly from your phone? 


  1. Create a message with the Upload module - remember you can direct all the contact from this message into a particular folder in your content library

  2. Go to the publish page and distribute the message to the people that need to be able to share content

  3. Add this message to your home screen to always have it available for uploading the good moments caught on camera

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