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Note: If you're looking for a way to upload files directly in your messages, have a look here.

Upload media files to media library

  1. In your media library, click on create content

  2. Click on 'upload media files'

  3. Click on 'choose files from disk' or drag and drop from your computer

Import fonts

  1. Go to your media library and click on create content

  2. Click on upload font

  3. Choose a file from disk or drag and drop from your computer. You can upload fonts in TTF format

  4. Your font will now be available in your theme

Create a folder and move files

  1. Click on new folder in the right hand side, type in a name for it and save

  2. Mark the files you wish to move to your folder and click on the arrow in the right hand side

  3. Select the relevant folder and click on move

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