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What is the insight module?

Setting up your insight module

How to insert insight module on a message

What is the insight module?

You can add the insight module to any of your messages. This will enable users to:

  • Track their own personal engagement

  • Find messages they may have missed or any extra training they need to attend. 

  • See their points score (in the case of gamification).

As a manager, you can ensure that every employee knows if they are meeting your expectations.

Setting up your insight module (require admin access)

  • Open the drop-down located in the top right corner of your screen

  • Click admin

  • Click insight

The insight module works by collating all the messages within specific categories from your Actimo platform. For this reason, you will have to manually set up which categories should be included.

If you haven't created any categories yet, have a look in our guide to Message settings

Choosing progress bar thresholds and categories

You can choose between three different measures for your staff to access and be displayed along the top bar. 

Engagement measures read messages vs. unread messages
Knowledge is quizzes taken vs. quizzes not taken
Points is the total points earned from quizzes

The threshold is your managerial goal where you can determine how much content your staff should engage with before the bar is considered 'full'. Thresholds can be chosen individually for all measures and range between 1-100 %. We often see managers add a threshold of 50-60 % on engagement and 75-80 % on knowledge.

Categories let you choose which messages you would like to include. For example, having a category called 'News' on three of your messages will include all three of them in the insight module. 

How to insert insight module on a message

  1. Go into a message

  2. Click on the insight module in the message modules

Once you insert the insight module on a message, it will be live for all of the people that have access to that particular message. If you want to test it before going live, you can duplicate the message or create another one to test on.

The insight module will automatically appear on all pages in the message. 

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