Make this happen with a button

Go to page

If you have created a message, which contains several pages, you can connect them with a button.

Go to message 

With this feature, you can link one message to another with a button.

Go to url 

If you need to link to e.g. your company homepage in a message, you can do so with a button.
NB. Links have to be secure, which means that all url's have to be https.

Dial phone number 

You can add a button to your message that will dial a phone number directly when pushed.

Add to group 

You can use a button to add a contact to a particular group.

Remove from group 

You can use a button to remove a contact from a particular group.

Email recipient info to 

Will trigger a notification to a fixed email.

Download file 

Use this to make for instance pdf files available in your message.

Add a button

  1. Click on create message
  2. Choose Button
  3. Enter a descriptive button text
  4. Click on the wrench icon and decide which action you want for the button
  5. Check use button image, if you want an image for your button

Add multiple actions for the same button

You can add more of the actions above to the same button and reduce the number of clicks for your recipients - for instance, you can direct them to a new message and add them to a group:

Multiple action can be added to button in the contact form and comment module too!

Use buttons to create surveys and quizzes

Read more about how you can use buttons to make a survey here or a quiz here.

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