You can move users, messages, groups, automations and content between workspaces. Often, you want to use workspaces to separate content from different users. Please note that different items can be accessible to users in more than one workspace at the same time.

How to create, edit or delete a workspace

In admin, go to 'workspaces':

Create new workspace

Click on the '+' and type in a name

Edit workspace

Click the pencil icon and edit the name of the workspace. Click ok.

Delete workspace

Click the 'X' next to the workspace you want to delete and approve. 

How to move content between workspaces

  1. In admin, go to 'workspaces' 
  2. Select the workspace you wish to modify from the drop-down menu. Remember to save your adjustments at the bottom of the page when ready

User management

Drag and drop users between 'full access' and 'no access'.

Administrate messages, groups, automations and content

  1. Go to the workspace to which you want to add content
  2. Tick the messages, groups or the other content
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and click save

Permission wall

Permission wall lets you collect acceptance of terms and conditions from all contacts in your workspace the first time they receive a message. For the recipient, the flow will look like this: 

  1. Accept your terms and conditions
  2. Choose SMS, email or both
  3. See the first message you have sent

How to setup a permission wall

  • In admin, go to the workspace for which you want to enable permission wall
  • Click 'edit welcome message' and write the terms and conditions of which you want your contacts' acceptance
  • Edit the 'accept' button in order to let your contacts choose between SMS and/or email. We recommend choosing one of the following options: 
  1. Close modal: Will close the modal after the contact has clicked 'accept' and take them to the first message you send them. 
  2. Go to page 2: Will take the contact to a page 2, where they can choose preferred communication channel(s) as SMS and/or email. 
  • Go back to 'workspaces' in your admin settings
  • Tick the box in order to trigger the permission wall for this workspace. 

When ticked, the permission wall will pop up when a contact receives the first message. It will only pop up for contacts, who are in the particular workspace for which you have triggered the permission wall. When accepted, the permission wall will not reappear. 

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