What is a contact?

In Actimo, the contact is the recipient that you can publish or send messages to via sms or email.
In the Contacts section of your platform, you have access to all contacts that are currently available in your workspace.

What kind of information is available on contact card?

On each individual contact, you'll always be able to find the following information:

  • How many messages have been sent to this contact (including delivery status & open rate)
  • How many trainings have they participated in, and how many points they scored
  • Which groups are they/have they been members of (including date added, date deleted, and who deleted them)
  • Contact relationships
  • Which automations have they been through
  • Authentication covers information about specific message access dates. And you have an area here, where you can reset passcode for that particular contact

What is a group?

A group is a segment of contacts that have been bundled together. For instance, it could contain everybody from a certain country or department in your organisation. A group helps the navigation in your contacts. And when you wish to send a message to more than one person or want to launch differentiated flows for your contacts.

Default and custom fields

Each contact has fields that can store either text, numbers and/or date+time. In addition to the default fields, you can also create your own custom fields. This enables you to insert more information on your contacts. 

Contact settings 

In contact settings, you can manage your contact settings in order to prevent duplicates from being created in Actimo. By default, email and phone country code+mobile phone number is set to avoid duplicates. You can create custom contact fields - such as employee number - and add them in contact settings.

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