1. Click on create message
  2. Click on Comment
  3. Add a placeholder and a submit button text
  4. Now, select what should happen when the comments are being submitted by recipients. You can add multiple action to your submit button when recipients click it.

NB. By default, comments will not be public. This means that other recipients of the message will not be able to see each others comments. You can make comments public by checking the option box


  1. Click on create message
  2. Select Like 

The like feature is a button that will register the name of a contact when clicked. All recipients of a message will be able to see who's liked.

Net Promotor Score, NPS

  1. Click on create message
  2. Select NPS

In Actimo, the NPS is set for customer responses. You can change this to eNPS (Employer Net Promoter Score), if you'd like to use it for an internal measurement. Then change the caption to:

  1. “How likely are you to recommend this company to a friend or relative?” 


  1.  “How likely would you be to recommend this company’s products or services to a friend or colleague?”

Remember to be consistent going forward so you'll receive results based on the same variable.  


  1. Click on create message
  2. Select Slider

Insert your caption and set your scale range. You can insert explanations for each step of the scale, in order to make it easier for your recipients to understand what they mean. You can choose between numbers and smileys as range values.


The upload module allows your recipients to upload videos and photos to the message and your content library. We recommend that you provide your recipients with a couple of guidelines to how to create great content in a short text.
For instance, let them know that for videos and images, landscape orientation works great.

  1. Click on create message
  2. Select Upload

Select which types of content you'll allow people to upload. If you want the content to be accessible in your content library, check save uploaded files to Content library, then pick the folder you want to put the files in.

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