Each message you build and send out has its own analytics page. You can display your analytics page in Phone mode or Report mode, according to your preferences. For messages sent out via sms, you can see sms text. You can follow engagement with each and every module in your message: who clicked which buttons, answered your quiz questions correctly, and you can follow recipients' drop off chart for video and audio.

Share report

You can share the insights and data from analytics within your organisation in an instant in a shared report  Data will remain anonymous for the people with whom you share the report.
(Users and Admins of your platform will be able to see the details in the analytics when logged in, unless data was made anonymous before send-out).

Export Analytics

You can export data from analytics in an excel spread sheet. If you click on customize, you can select which information about the contact, message and quiz you wish to include in your report. Get the details here.


When clicking on remind, the message will be sent again to recipients listed under unopened in the overview of sent messages.

Custom reminder

By default, your original email subject or sms text will appear.
If the message was send out via sms, you'll see the original sms text, if your message was sent out via email, you will see the original email subject, if you send out via sms and email, you will see them both.
From here you can confirm the reminder by clicking the send button, and the reminder will be sent with the original text and subject.
Or you can customize the text to let your audience know that what they're receiving is a reminder, add additional information you missed in the first send out, update information if something changes since the last send out, etc.
Editing the text in sms and email when you send out reminders, doesn't change the contents of your message.

Sent messages and open rate

The overview of sent messages provides you with the following information:
The percentage of your open rate
The distribution of sent, opened, bounced and not opened for the unique number of recipients, and for recipients of email and sms respectively
If your message can be accessed via a public link/QR code, it will appear under links Note that it is not possible to track analytics from recipients of a public link.

Push vs pull

The pie chart shows how many have read a message, which was sent to them - push - vs how many have accessed the message from the app - pull.

Social engagement

If a comment field, a like button or an upload module was included in your message, you will be able to track engagement under social engagement. You can read more about these page modules in How to add input modules.

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