The Dashboard is attached to each individual workspace and can be accessed from the the left hand menu in your platform.

Communicate, Train and Lead 

Steps to display the requested data: 

  1. The data shown in your Dashboard reflects the time period selected. By default, it will show data from the last 30 days. The option All time will give you all the data collected in your workspace. In order to be calculated in the Dashboard, a message has to be published within the time period selected. Messages that were created but not published in the time period selected will not be calculated. 
  2. On top of your Communicate, Train and Lead data, you will find a drop down with all your categories. Selecting one of them will give you the data from all messages with that particular category attached. 

Active Employees

This field reveals how many employees have visited the app or at least viewed one message in the period selected. You can click on the numbers and see how many people and who exactly haven't seen any messages during the chosen period, how many new employees were added and how many messages were bounced on this specific workspace.
You can click on each number to see who exactly these contacts are. 


This part of the Dashboard makes it easier to access all favourite and last published messages with one click!
Favourite are the messages that have been starred. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via the chat or email us at 

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