In Analytics, you can track the data generated from the individual messages, including open rates and how your audience engages with your communication. You can share these insights within your organization, with colleagues from your team or the CEO in an instant. Data in your reports will remain anonymous to your recipients, so they will not be able to uncover the respondents.

(Users and Admins of your platform will be able to see the details in Analytics when logged in, unless data was made anonymous before send-out).


In the report, you will get the overall stats including the number of recipients who delivered the data in the report, as well as potential likes and uploads. In addition, the report will contain the in-depth insights into the engagement levels of each individual module you have in your message.

You will be able to see stats on these modules from your Message:

- Survey Button groups
- Quiz Button groups
- Slider Modules
- Comment Modules
- Audio/Video Modules

How to share reports

  1. Open the message that you wish to share
  2. Go to Analytics. In the top of the page, click on Share
  3. A new window will open. There, you can type in the email of the person with whom you want to share the report. If you wish to share it with more people, you can do so by comma separating their emails
  4. Click Share Report and your selected recipients will have it emailed to their inbox in an instant

Keep track of who has access to your report

On the Analytics page of each of your messages, you can click on Share and get a list of every person who has access to the report for that particular message.

Remove access for one or more people

In the same list, you can remove access to that particular report for one or more persons.

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