This way of signing up is for unknown contacts. If contacts are already registered in Actimo and you want them to sign up, register or update contact information, have a look here.

NB a message's public link has to be the point of departure to signing up colleagues. Without using the public link, new contacts will not be registered, instead wrong information can be applied to existing contacts. Find the public link associated with the message here:

  1. Go to Send
  2. Unfold Advanced and copy the public link from there

Message 1: Create message with contact info module

  1. Create message
  2. Click on 'contact' in the page modules and set the contact fields. Make sure to add the contact field called 'your first name and last name' (this will ensure that colleagues know who signed them up)

Message 2: Create notification

  1. Create message
  2. Insert a text module and write the message you want colleagues to receive when they have been signed up. Remember to include the tag 'your first name and last name'. When a person receives this message, the name of the person who signed them up will appear

Set up automation

  1. Go to automation and create a new one. If you haven't created an automation before, you can read about it here
  2. As the action to start the automation, select 'contact created/updated' and attach the message that 'signs up a colleague' as the start message
  3. Add a new action and select 'send message' as the action. Attach the message with the notification
  4. Connect the two actions (you can skip the rule and the message will be sent right away)
  5. Save the automation

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